The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor Regularly

How A Chiropractor Can Treat Lower Back Pain

by Chloe Dean

The warm air and sunshine beckons people of all ages to get outside to do things like working in their gardens to get it ready for another growing season. A problem that can arise is that bending up and down all day planting seeds and lifting plants can cause your back to ache because a disc in your back has slipped a little out of place. Here is how a chiropractor can slide the disc back into place to make your aching back you feel better.

Not for Everyone

A chiropractor manipulates the skeletal system and muscles to treat back pain. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. If you have osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis, spinal cord compression, or if you are taking blood thinning medications, you should avoid this type of treatment (or make sure you have clearance from your doctor before you go to a chiropractor).

The Treatment

The chiropractor will have you lie down on a treatment table so they can treat your slightly slipped disc. They will have you lay on your side (called the lateral recumbent position).  Your top leg will be bent up and rolled over the top of the lower leg to position you properly. The chiropractor will then lean over the front of you as they slide their hand along your spine. They are looking for the areas along the lower lumbar region in your back where you are feeling pain from bending over all day long.

The chiropractor will apply pressure to the spine once they find the sensitive areas that are causing you trouble. The chiropractor applies pressure by using his hands (although some chiropractors will use a tool like an impulse adjusting instrument). They place their one hand along the sensitive area of the spine so they can do a controlled and sudden jolt toward your belly button. The chiropractor will push back on your shoulder with the other hand as they do the sudden jolt to help shift the disc back into place.

Getting a massage is also part of the treatment. The chiropractor will perform a deep massage on your muscles around the sensitive area of your spine. The massage is intended to increase the blood flow to the damaged area where your disc slipped a little. When you increase blood flow, you also increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients needed to help the cells in the damaged area rejuvenate so you feel better.

If you are suffering from lower back pain from bending over too much, you should call a local chiropractor (such as one from Chiropractor Plus) to get some relief.