The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor Regularly

3 Times When It Can Greatly Benefit Your Child To Take Them Into The Pediatric Chiropractor

by Chloe Dean

While many adults use the services and expertise of a chiropractor to help relieve their stiff and sore muscles, they don't often think about children benefiting from the same type of care. Pediatric chiropractors are chiropractors that specialize in chiropractor care for infants and children. If you are considering taking your infant or child into a chiropractic clinic like Wave Of Life Chiropractic, but aren't sure if you should, this article will be able to help you by discussing 3 reasons to do so.

Soon After Your Infant Is Born

The birthing process can be quite uncomfortable for an infant. They will be pushed and turned about as they are coming through the birth canal, and this may cause them to experience tension and pain. A great way to be sure that your baby is comfortable after birth, is to take them into the pediatric chiropractor for a simple wellness check-up. The chiropractor will carefully examine your baby, and will see if they need any adjusting. If they do, your chiropractor will press incredibly softly on your baby's muscles to help relax them. The level of pressure that is put on your infant is compared to that of pushing on a tomato to see if it is ripe, so it is very safe for your infant. 

When Your Infant Is Fussy And Uncomfortable

If you notice that your infant is has colic, reflux, or is otherwise uncomfortable, then a trip to the pediatric chiropractor may greatly benefit you. Also, if you notice that your child is only wanting to turn their head one way, or if they only nurse on one side, then they likely have some stiff and sore muscles that are making them uncomfortable. The chiropractor will be able to use gentle massaging and re-aligning techniques to help make sure that your baby's spine is in alignment, and their muscles are more relaxed. They do this by having the baby lay on top of their mom or dad, and then they work, with very gentle force, on the areas like the neck, back, etc.

When Your Child Experiences Growth Spurts

As your child grows, they are going to experience times when they grow an excessive amount. When this happens, their muscles are stretched quite quickly, and this can sometimes cause severe pain for your child. A chiropractor can work on massaging and soothing these muscles, so that your child can get through their growth spurts without experiencing quite as much pain.