The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor Regularly

3 Ways Chiropractors Can Help Serious Athletes

by Chloe Dean

If you are an athlete, you may think that a chiropractor can only help you if you are injured. However, several athletes use chiropractors to help them avoid injury and gain a competitive advantage in their sport. Below are the three ways that chiropractors work with athletes throughout their careers. 

Injury Prevention with Regular Assessments and Maintenance 

The misalignment of the spine and pelvis can contribute to several types of sports injuries, including chronic pain, strains, and serious trauma. When the spine and pelvis are misaligned, an athlete is putting unnecessary pressure on their joints and the ligaments around them. On its own, this can cause discomfort and stress. However, this can also lead to poor posture and an overcompensation for the misalignment that can eventually cause a misstep and a more serious trauma. These are common issues in runners and athletes such as soccer players and football players. However, they can also occur in weightlifters and other athletes. 

Regular visits to a chiropractor can ensure that your alignment is correct and help prevent unnecessary wear as well as future acute injuries. 

Faster Injury Recovery 

Even with preventative care, acute injuries can still occur when an athlete falls, twists their leg wrong, or suffers from an impact. A chiropractor can usually help speed the recovery of these injuries through various techniques, including massage and spinal adjustments. A chiropractor will make sure that your injury site is getting adequate blood flow throughout the healing process, and this can speed up your recovery. They may also check to make sure that there is no pinching of the nerves around your injury that may cause residual pain or slow your healing. 

Competitive Advantage

Besides preventing injury and recovering faster when you are injured, a chiropractor can help you gain a competitive advantage over other athletes. Proper alignment of the skeletal system will make you a stronger, more efficient athlete. Additionally, a chiropractor can point out tendencies you may have that decrease your efficiency and put strain on your skeletal system. They may give you extra exercises to complete at home to help improve your posture and alignment, or they may help you through passive manipulation. This one-on-one assessment of your particular skeletal structure can help you become the best athlete that you can be. 

If you wonder whether a chiropractor can help you become a better athlete, you should make an appointment with a sports chiropractor in your area.