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Ensure That Your Mobile Games Don't Land You On The Massage Therapist's Table

by Chloe Dean

Playing games on your mobile device is an enjoyable way to kill some time, and whether you're into strategy games, casino games, or racing games, you can easily log a lot of hours of gaming over the course of the week. It's important to be sure that your love of mobile games isn't negatively affecting your body to the point that you need to schedule a massage appointment. Mobile gaming has the potential to result in repetitive-strain injuries of varying degrees of severity, all of which you'd be best to avoid. Here are some techniques that you can use to limit your risk of a gaming injury that requires care from a massage therapist.

Change Up Your Position

Repetitive-strain injuries that can be helped by a massage therapist often arise when someone spends a long stretch of time in the same position. Think about how you typically position yourself when you play your mobile games. For example, you might be seated on public transportation with your mobile device in your lap. The concern with this posture is that your chin will be tucked to your chest, resulting in your neck being bent at a sharp angle. This can lead to muscle aches in your neck that require the care of a massage therapist. You can reduce the risk of such injuries by changing your gaming position regularly. For example, try holding the mobile device up in front of your face so you don't need to bend your neck so severely.

Take Frequent Brakes

Putting your mobile device down regularly is an effective way to minimize your risk of repetitive-strain injuries that could land you in the massage clinic. While there's no magic amount of gaming time that works for everyone, try to take frequent breaks. For example, if you enjoy playing your game on the 30-minute bus ride to work, you might wish to try five minutes of gaming, followed by five minutes of rest, and then repeating this pattern.

Remember To Relax

Some people who play mobile games are easy to spot because their fingers, hands, and forearms are tight due to the intense nature of their game. If you fall into this category, remember to relax. Keep your muscles loose while you play and wiggle your fingers and wrists between levels to promote blood flow. If you're constantly playing a game that heightens your stress levels, you may wish to think about finding a different game to play.

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