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What To Know About Wobble Chair Therapy By Your Chiropractor

by Chloe Dean

Chiropractor care is not just about going in and getting your back cracked. Chiropractor care is about taking care of your spinal and nervous system health. It is about building and strengthening your core in order to better support your spine. Many chiropractic clinics offer a wide range of therapies with the goal of helping improve your spinal health. One form of therapy offered by chiropractors is the wobble chair.

This therapy is offered for auto accident victims as well as regular patients who need a stronger core to reduce back injuries.

The Purpose of Wobble Chair Therapy

The main purpose of wobble chair therapy is to build and strengthen your core. The secondary purpose is to help strengthen and improve the flexibility of all the muscles that are connected to your spine.

Strengthening these muscles will help improve the overall health of your back and spine. Having strong supporting muscles is one of the keys to avoiding back strain, slipped discs, and other similar types of injuries.

The exercises done with the wobble chair are also designed to help your discs in your back. These exercises can help improve the success of your treatments.

This aligns with the overall goal of chiropractic care, which is not just to put a band-aid on your back pain and spinal alignment issues, but to find a way to fix these issues and bring you long-term comfort.

Exercises Done with the Wobble Chair

The wobble chair is not a broken chair. A wobble chair is a medical device that is designed to be used for physical therapy. There are a wide range of exercises that can be done with this tool. Two types of exercises you

Warm-Up Stretch

There are many warm-ups you can do with the wobble chair. You can sit straight up with your hands on your tip, then fold over and relax your back. Then you can take the chair, put your arms over our head, and lean to the left and then the right.

After that, you can take your arms and hold them in a horizontal position at chest level and lean to the left and right. All these warm-up exercises allow you to stretch and strength your core.

Pelvic Tilts

The pelvic tilt is an exercise where you one hip all the way, then lift the other hip all the way, before brining both hips back down. Then you take your pelvis and tilt it forward and backward. This helps strengthen your hips, pelvis, and lower back area.

These are just two examples of exercises you can do on a wobble chair.

There are lots of various wobble chair exercises your chiropractor can work you through to help with your treatments and improve your spinal health. Talk to your chiropractor today and see if the wobble chair, or other therapies, can be used to help improve the efficiency of your auto accident injury rehab.