The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor Regularly

Chiropractic Clinic: Treatments For Athletes

by Chloe Dean

If you're serious about your sport, finding ways to recover from your workouts and feel better before your competitions can be the key to success. Chiropractic clinics treat athletes with scientifically proven and holistic treatments.

Here are some of the treatments athletes can seek at chiropractic clinics.

Beyond Adjustments

Chiropractic clinics aren't just about cracking backs.

  • Myofascial Release: Your muscles and tendons are connected by millions of strands of connective tissue. Repetitive exercise can create scar tissue that builds where your connective tissue and muscle fibers join. Chiropractic clinics can perform a myofascial release technique to break up the liaisons created by built-up scar tissue. Once these liaisons are broken apart, your muscle tissue and connective tissue can regrow healthy connections. Your chiropractic clinic provider can show you how to perform a myofascial release in common problem spots between appointments. For instance, you can use a lacrosse, tennis, or golf ball to relieve chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis. To perform this type of myofascial release, remove your shoes and socks, put the ball beneath one foot, and use your body weight to apply pressure. After applying pressure in each spot for 20 to 30 seconds, move the ball slightly to the right or the left. Continue this movement around the pad of the foot until you complete a full circuit.
  • Active Release Treatment: Another beneficial modality for improving performance and reducing injury risks involves assisted stretching. Your chiropractic clinic provider will assist you through a series of stretches that involve stretching, holding, resisting, and releasing. For instance, for persistent hamstring tightness, your chiropractic clinic specialist can straddle one leg, while pushing the opposite leg toward your shoulder. When your hamstring cannot stretch further (without bending your knee), your chiropractor will instruct you to push against the stretch for 5 to 10 seconds. After resisting for this brief interval, your chiropractor will release and repeat the stretch. You can use the same technique with a stretching rope or partner between appointments.

Holistic Care

Chiropractic clinics are often willing to blend Eastern and Western medical techniques in ways that traditional medical providers will not.

  • Stem and Needle: Electric stimulation (e-stem) is an accepted Western medical technique for relieving inflammation and chronic pain. Chiropractic clinics will often pair e-stem with dry needling. This form of Eastern medicine dates back centuries and works by catalyzing the body's response to pain signals via the central nervous system.