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3 Chiropractic Treatments That Can Treat Low Back Pain From A Herniated Disc

by Chloe Dean

If you are dealing with low back pain, you'll want to visit your doctor to get a firm diagnosis before investigating different treatments. One condition that could be the cause of your back pain is a herniated disc. The vertebrae in your back are cushioned by rubbery discs, which consist of a soft center called the nucleus and a harder shell called the annulus.

Sometimes natural wear and tear, injuries, or degenerative disorders can cause the nucleus to bulge out of the annulus, thus irritating nearby nerves and causing pain. This condition is known as a herniated disc. While some people may require surgeries—like a laminectomy—to resolve the pain, some patients may be able to recover with more conservative treatments. Here are three chiropractic treatments that could help you ease back pain from herniated discs.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

During a non-surgical spinal decompression, your chiropractor will have you lie on an articling table to apply gentle traction to the spine. These chiropractic tables bend in such a way so that the vertebral bodies separate and so that there is less pressure on the herniated disc. During this time, your chiropractor may make a manual adjustment to improve vertebral alignment so that the disc can heal properly.  

Prescription Back Brace

Your chiropractor can set you up with a back brace to limit twisting and bending actions that could irritate the disc or hinder healing. Orthotic devices, like back braces, also help stabilize and support some of your weight so that there is less pressure and pain on the disc. The Journal of Orthopedic Reviews says that lumbar orthotic devices are beneficial because they provide pain relief and improve patient compliance; there are little to no side effects. However, the journal review also says that there is no one-size-fits-all brace, so it's important for you and your chiropractor to get to the root cause of your herniated disc. Lastly, keep in mind that back braces tend to work better for patients who are healthy and physically active. People who are sedentary or obese may have a harder time regaining their previous mobility, even with bracing.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

During TENS therapy, your chiropractor will place electrode pads on areas of your back. Electric pulses are sent through the pads, which then provide pain relief. These electrical currents disrupt pain signals, release endorphins, and encourage circulation. If you have a lot of back pain, it may be too difficult to try a brace or spinal decompression, so a TENS device can provide pain relief so that you can proceed with chiropractic care. TENS devices are also a great way to relieve pain without relying on oral medications.  

These are just three treatments that could possibly help your low back pain. Visit an office like Roach Family Wellness - Altamonte Springs for more info.