The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor Regularly

  • Incorporating Chiropractic Therapy As Part Of Your Teenager's Recovery From Osteochondritis Dissecans

    13 October 2016

    Although it is relatively rare in the general population, osteochondritis dissecans, or OCD, tends to be more common in young male athletes. This disorder occurs when part of a bone, typically located in the knee, is injured and cut off from its blood supply. If blood flow is not restored to the area, that segment of bone will eventually die, grow brittle, and get knocked loose from the healthy bone tissue around it.

  • Considerations When Choosing A Chiropractor

    15 June 2016

    When it comes to choosing a chiropractor, you cannot assume that one practitioner is as good as another. Instead, what you will find is that even small differences between one chiropractor and another can affect the quality of care that you receive. Thus, you should have some criteria in mind when you set out to choose the chiropractor that is best suited to help you overcome your maladies. Stature When you choose a medical practitioner, you may not be used to considering the doctor's physical stature, but chiropractors are unique among medical professionals.

  • Three Full-Body Wellness Tips For Summer

    6 July 2015

    Summer is a certainly a season during which most people are busy and active. Between playing in the pool, taking hikes, barbecuing, and riding your bike in the nice weather, you're likely putting a lot of stress on your body this season. This is not necessarily a bad thing – exercise and being outdoors are great for your health. You should, however, make sure you're taking a little time to focus on whole-body wellness  and rejuvenation this summer, so your body stays strong and able to tackle those fun summer tasks!

  • Struggling With Back Pain? Get Moving

    18 June 2015

    Regular chiropractic adjustments can greatly restore your quality of life if you've been sidelined by back pain, but you owe it to yourself to take a proactive role in your physical health on the days that you don't visit the chiropractor's office. Although a myriad of lifestyle changes, such as changing your posture and taking measures to reduce your stress, can lessen your back pain, getting some exercise is also a useful strategy.

  • Three Types Of Alternative Treatments For Children With Cerebral Palsy

    9 June 2015

    Does your child have cerebral palsy and you are seeking other forms of therapy to help your child? Here are three types of alternative treatments for children with cerebral palsy. Chiropractic Care A chiropractor (such as one from Lincoln Chiropractic Center) treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Through spinal adjustments, they help patients acquire a healthy nervous system. The brain communicates to the rest of the body through the nervous system.

  • Alternative Treatment Options For Endometriosis

    9 June 2015

    Are you struggling to find relief from the symptoms of endometriosis? If conventional treatment has fallen short, consider adding an alternative treatment method to your regime. Acupuncture The body is flowing with natural energy-- at least, that's what acupuncturists believe. Rooted in ancient Chinese tradition, acupuncture stems from the idea that qi, or energy, makes its way through the body on meridians. If those meridians become blocked, qi is unable to flow evenly.

  • Can Chiropractic Care Help My Colicky Baby?

    9 June 2015

    Do you have a colicky baby who cries for hours on end? Have you heard there is no cure and it's just a phase your baby will eventually grow out of? The good news is, thanks to chiropractic care, neither you nor your baby have to continue suffering. What is Colic? Colic is normally characterized as inconsolable crying episodes that can last for hours. It usually occurs in babies between two weeks and four months old and affects 40% of all infants.